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Transcription Career

A Career Beyond Words

In today’s world, words are everything.  They are power. They are love. Words inspire. Words motivate.

Words change the world.  Words change our heart.  Even way back when, those clever enough to transfer words from one form to another those  transcribers were highly regarded and rewarded for their skill and expertise.  They were known as “Adepts.”

At Adept Word Management, transcription is an art, a craft, a way to document communication in profound, significant, and meaningful ways.  We are devoted to capturing the inflections, nuances, and the essence of the spoken word; and releasing them as written word.

We create audio or video logs, concordances helping researchers get started with coding research and summarize meetings. Adepts create abstract or time-coded summaries – adding hyperlinks, audio clips for inaudibles, and so much more.  In a word, we LOVE what we do.

So if you have a passion for transcription, can we have a word with you?

We are looking for those who have experience in transcription, and value those who

  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Learn quickly
  • Solve Problems
  • Are energetic and highly motivated
  • Are accurate and careful
  • Have good judgement and common sense

At Adept Word Management, we are looking to grow and expand.  We work with prestigious clients all across the country that value our work and praise the people on our team.  Come join us!

If you have experience with transcriptions and want to join a company that truly is “beyond words,” we want to talk to you.

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