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Our Services: Voice-to-Text, Copy Editing, and Audio Services

What Can We Do For You?

There is so much more to transcription than words! Summaries and flow logs can make the Intelligent Transcript interactive and accessible to users. We will create a concordance of your document for word analysis. We can create tape logs, flow logs, shot logs, verbatim pre-production transcripts, video captioning, and translations. We’ll create an executive summary for your CEO, summarize meeting minutes according to Robert’s Rules of Order or document your speakers series. We are oral history lovers! We’ll transcribe, summarize, segment, and index your oral history interviews. We can transcribe your WebEx meetings.


But in this day and age, there’s so much more to it! What used to be seen as a utility for creating a quick or repetitive letter can now do so much more. Recorders have gotten smaller and easier to use—you can record anything—anywhere–anytime! Voice Capture—we provide the digital recorder! Or use your phone. We will do a storyboard transcript, we’ll incorporate your PowerPoint from your presentation, and we’ll convert the whole thing into HTML so you can paste it right onto your website. We’ll index your transcript and include hyperlinks to items that need additional documentation. Interactive transcripts and scrolling transcripts let you listen and read, quickly moving from spot to spot in the audio and the transcript. We also do translations in a variety of languages.

Voice-to-Text Analysis

We will work with you to best preserve your words. Need to capture regional flavor? We can do it. We use the American Dictionary of Regional English. Need to get it ready to publish? We’ve use the APA Manual of Style, the Chicago Manual of Style or any technical style manual required by your particular discipline. Let our voice-to-text analysts help you determine the best way to present the language you’ve captured.

Copy Editing

Many of our experts are members of or have been trained through the American Society of Copy Editors (ACES). We can review and copy edit your document quickly and efficiently.

Our Audio Services

Recording media is constantly changing. Eight-track tapes became cassette tapes, became micro-cassettes, became *.wav files, became *.mp3 . . . Have you tried to listen to an 8-track tape lately? Even dubbing those files to preserve them can be tricky. The tapes are decaying or playback devices are disappearing and we’re losing history! The written word is ancient–it DEFINES history and stands the test of time. We can migrate your recording to a new format or transcribe to a document for posterity.

Our experts are located all over the United States. No matter what time of day it is, chances are somebody is typing! Our voice-to-text analysts are professional women who choose to work at home. They have a wide range of experiences and education and collectively hold degrees in:

American History and Politics
Communication Disorders
Computer Science
Distance Education
English and English Literature
Financial Consulting
Health Information Technology
Human Development
Human Services
International Relations
Liberal Arts
Library/Information Sciences
Medical Management
Medical Transcription
Studio Art
Substance Abuse

Our Experts’ Specialties

Art History
Culinary Arts
Films and Theater
Fine Arts
Healthy Lifestyle
Mental Health
Organic Foods
Small Business Ownership
Southern US History
Textile Arts
Veterans Oral Histories

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