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Captioning is a huge opportunity for us

In reviewing your responses to our question What do you LOVE about transcription, I’m struck by your thirst for knowledge! I thought the overwhelming response we’d get would be the ability to work at home.  Instead, everybody is talking about how much they love to learn.

This is a fast-changing world we live in, and it’s a good time to be driven by a love to learn.  I’ve been reading a book by a gentleman who was the Director of Development at Google–Getting Organized in the Age of Google.

He talks about a paradigm shift.  The mantra has always been knowledge is power, but that was from the days when knowledge was hard to come by and expensive.  The new mantra is creativity is power. It is our ability to USE knowledge that is paramount now.  Anybody has access to knowledge.  I can’t even resist looking things up when I’m out to dinner with friends–“Who was in that movie?”  “What does sardonic mean exactly?”–knowledge is at our fingertips, on our phone!  The new paradigm is about what we do with that knowledge.

I read economists and pundits lamenting the demise of manufacturing in this country, that we don’t really make anything any more.  The core values that built this country, the thinking goes, are disappearing, and our economic demise is hot on its heels.

But IDEAS were the foundation of this country.  The idea that people could govern themselves, that they didn’t need a leader ordained by God or genetics to set their future.  And ideas and ingenuity are the order of the day today.

Push that quest for knowledge, and let’s keep Adept at the forefront of voice-to-text transformation.

About Beth McLaughlin

M E (Beth) McLaughlin started Adept Word Management in 1990 as a medical transcription company. Over the years there have been various threats to medical transcription, and as a result she has constantly sought new and innovative ways to transcribe for myriad types of clients. This has resulted in Adept transcribing over the years for the Human Genome Project, NASA astronaut debriefings, The New York Times, the United Nations, the Nobel Prize company, among others! She holds a double major in Anthropology and Sociology and did graduate coursework in Healthcare Administration.

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