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Reasons why you should become an Adept Expert!

We’re GREAT at what we do because we LOVE what we do. We also empower our experts with the tools  and support necessary to enable them to reach their full potential everyday.

Here is what some of our experts have to say about why they LOVE their career with Adept:

  • “I got a short assignment from Adept Word Management and it was a blessing to work with them. The Director I worked with, Stacy, was very helpful and promptly communicated with me regarding the questions I had, which was a big factor for me to complete the assignment. I would love to have another chance to work with her and the company.
  • I get to learn which I absolutely love to do…I tell everyone if I could go to school for free for the rest of my life I would..I love it!  So this is the best of both worlds here I get to learn all kinds of cool stuff and make money at the same time!
  • “I think some people go into transcription as a ‘vocation’ but I find it to be quite a rich study in language. I listen to people from all over the world speak. I listen to ESL speakers jump through hoops to make themselves understood in the language they weren’t born with. It is also an art in itself in translating the spoken word into readable text.”
  • “I LOVE to add new wrinkles to my brain! Seriously. I love that I have the opportunity to both share my expertise while learning something new everything single day. It’s a win for everyone!”
  • “I love that I learn something new nearly every day. Yesterday I learned all about wellbores and shales and today I’m becoming an expert on plantar flexion and physical therapy impairments. After working for Adept for 2. 5 years, I feel like I can talk to anybody about just about anything!”
  • “I love learning new things and getting a chance to transcribe different things all the time from veteran oral histories to a video about Sesame Street to a focus group. In my spare time my favorite thing to do is read because I like learning about a wide variety of topics, and now I can learn new things all the time while I’m working too.”
  • “Being a transcriptionist allows me to be a fly on the wall. Whether I’m transcribing a police interview or captioning a video for AARP, I have the VIP pass into their worlds. As an Adept Transcription Expert, I get the velvet rope treatment.”
  • “Transcriptionists are perpetual students – we learn something new EVERY day. And I think that’s the way it should be. EVERYONE should learn at least one new thing a day…At Adept I feel like we’re telling people’s stories – from medical illnesses to medical miracles, from technological breakthroughs to the economy, from precious memories to the tears and foibles of humanity. Everything we handle is a piece of someone’s history. And there’s not a better group of people (either in their wide range of experiences or just genuine love of what we do) to handle them. With us, you’ve got a certain job that needs to be done? Don’t worry – We’ve got a transcriptionist for that!”
  • “I love the exposure to new material. Last week I typed about how GE is spending research dollars to look for alternative fuels. I find these subject areas intriguing and look forward to the day when I can use seaweed to fuel my vehicle.”
  • “I’ve always loved to type. In high school, my typing teacher used to get so angry that I would beat him on typing tests! I have a psychology degree, but burned out quickly in that field and didn’t really stick with it. After working in the mortgage business for 10+ years I was laid off and took MTEC’s MT course. I love that I can combine my love of typing and with the schooling I went through and not waste the education like I did with my psych degree. MT keeps me learning every day and on my toes, and I love it!”
  • “I love both sides of Adept for two different reasons. I love the general side because it is always an adventure, and you never know where that adventure will take you. I love the medical side because I feel like I get to know the patients. For some patients I find myself wanting to know how they are doing. I have typed some reports that have been heartbreaking, but I have also typed some that are just amazing. I love my job!!!!”
  • “Every day when I boot my computer, it’s a new adventure in learning. I work with some highly intelligent colleagues, am always learning new skills and techniques, and the research involved with the job is always a fun challenge. I always have something to talk about with people at get-togethers because of the diversity involved in my job. I have even been intrigued by jobs to the point where I take a special interest in a topic and just start finding books on it to learn more. No two days are ever the same, and after working for 25 years in various industries and capacities, I have never been able to say that about any previous job.”
  • “With my diverse education and background, there are many other profitable careers which I could pursue. However, I prefer the transcription work because of the variety and the opportunity to constantly learn topics in depth due to the precision and accuracy required for the assignments. This is a career in which I can practice professional integrity and feel pride in my work, while learning about something new every day.”
  • I love working for Adept for many reasons. I am always coming across new and interesting topics. I sometimes laugh at the variety of things I have to research for the different jobs. I love learning new things, and this job pushes you to do that all of the time. I really enjoy all of the people that work at Adept, and I really am so happy being able to do a job I love while being at home with my daughter!
  • As a military spouse and a mother, finding a career I love has been challenging, but once I was given a lead on being transcriptionist and had my foot in the door, Adept Word Management took me under their wing and broadened my range of opportunities. It has been amazing working with them.  I am grateful for the opportunity that I can have it all, which as a military spouse is not always easy
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